Faux Postage

August 31, 2010

Here is my swap this month for a technique swap I am in. I love the faux postage technique.

First I printed to template for the postage, on copy paper. I taped a piece of window sheet to the copy paper and cut out the squares to make my template. Next print out the template on whisper white cardstock. Tape your your window sheet to your white cardstock sponge background, and then mask all but one square and stamp your image. Move your mask and stamp the next box, until your image is complete.  I added a embossed folder on the background and some words to complete my card. Quite often I will put a simple word on the front of my card, such as friends and then when I need a card I can stamp the reason for the card on the inside. So this card may be a birthday a thank you or a get well card, I love having cards made up ahead of time!!


Solid Stamps

July 8, 2009

Do you ever get your solid stamps home and you just don’t get a good impression? Well if you have been to one of my stamp camps you may remember my advice, Twist Twist, Stamp Stamp. But here are a couple of other ideas to help get a great impression with your bold, solid stamps.

1.  Stazon Cleaner – This works great. The cleaner removes the residue left on the stamp from the manufacturing process. Apply the Stazon Cleaner as you do normally, dabbing it on your stamp, and then clean it on your Stampin’ Scrub.

2. Sanding Blocks – Gently sand your stamp with a sanding block in one direction, then 90 degrees in the other direction. Next clean on it on your Stampin’ Scrub.
As long as you sand gently this won’t hurt your stamp and will give you a great impression.


Happy Stamping,


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